Living in Functional Wellness

How do you establish a baseline for healthy living?

The answer is to raise the health of all the interconnected systems of the body and to raise the health and vitality of each and every organ of the body! How do I do that you may ask. Well, that’s where Functional Medicine excels. Functional Medicine practitioners are trained to look at all the functional systems of the body and to assess the functional state of these systems: identify what’s blocking the health and vitality of the system, get to the underlying cause, treat the underlying cause with nutrition, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes and watch the true state of health and vitality emerge.

One of the interconnected systems a Functional Medicine practitioner will look at is the state of the gastrointestinal system:

What’s digestion like? Are you able to properly digest fats, carbohydrates and proteins? What’s the state of the lining of the gut? is it “leaky”? What’s the state of the “terrain” or “soil” of the gut? Are there parasites, bad bacteria, yeast or fungus present that block the body from functioning optimally? What’s the state of the colon? Is there adequate elimination to remove waste from the body?

Over a hundred million of people in the US alone suffer from digestive disorders and dysfunctions. Over 40 million physician and emergency room visits each year and the care that 95% of these people get is palliative at best, it doesn’t get to the true underlying cause and in some cases (through the use of acid blocking medication) can actually worsen the condition. For proper health and wellness you must work on optimizing digestive function and Functional Medicine Practitioners are highly trained to do just that!

Use the My Functional Medicine Practitioner directory to find a Functional Medicine practitioner in your area!

Taking Charge of Your Health Care.

Obesity levels are at an all time high and are climbing every year. More and more people are suffering from the diseases of modern living: cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases etc. Those who don’t take the time to take care of themselves will have to find time for illness, disease and dysfunction.

It’s about time that you took charge of your health care.

What better way than to find a health care practitioner who is trained to identify what’s going wrong and how to bring you back to a true state of health and wellness. That’s the beauty of Functional Medicine! And if you’re just interested in maintaining your already good state of health and well-being, then a Functional Medicine practitioner can work with you on an annual wellness check up and a program that will keep you healthy for years to come! was designed to put YOU in touch with a qualified Functional medicine practitioner in your area. So go ahead, find a practitioner near you, look at their listing and feel free to contact them. let them know you found them at My Functional Medicine!

Choosing A Primary Care Provider

Choosing a primary care provider is an important decision. He or she is your partner in maintaining good health. Your primary care provider is the person you turn to for general or preventive medical care, or for help getting a referral for specialized care. Unfortunately most allopathic Medical Doctors are not trained in Functional Medicine, which is truly the best type of medicine to be using to maintain good health, uncover the true cause of why you might not feel well and to bring you back to the true health, vitality and wellness that is our birthright.

How do you go about finding a Functional Medicine doctor or practitioner who is right for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

The My Functional Medicine practitioner directory is the largest directory of active Functional Medicine practitioners, physicians and doctors in the world. You can see what conditions or areas of Functional medicine they specialize in. You can search by geography and location, and when you’ve honed in on the 2 or 3 practitioners in your local area, read the reviews, see what they are trained in, check out their ratings, send them a personal email, visit their websites, read a bit about their clinics, etc. All from this website!

Functional Medicine Doctors and practitioner are practitioners that care. My Functional Medicine is dedicated to helping you find the right caring practitioner so you can get the healthcare you deserve.

Finding A Functional Medicine Practitioner

Functional Medicine is getting more and more popular so the natural question for most people interested in Functional Medicine is where do I find a doctor or practitioner specializing in Functional Medicine? That’s where the My Functional Medicine practitioner directory comes in. So here are a few questions to consider when using this directory to find a Functional Medicine healthcare practitioner:

  1. What’s the clinical training of the doctor or practitioner? Not all the practitioners on this directory have the same level of clinical training. For instance Medical Doctors (MDs), Osteopathic Physicians (DOs), Chiropractic Physicians (DCs) and Naturopathic Physicians (NDs) on the whole have been through a fairly rigorous 4-year residential medical education with hundreds of hours of supervised hands on clinical training and had to pass licensing board exams in order to practice medicine. While this doesn’t automatically qualify them as good Functional Medicine practitioners it gives you a sense of their background and experience. Other professionals, such as Acupuncturists, Dietitians, Nutritional Therapists, Nurse Practitioners and Certified Nutritionists have been through a standardized training and as such are trained and qualified to deal with your health care issues.
  2. What type of training in Functional Medicine have they had? There are a lot of courses and programs teaching Functional Medicine and the My Functional Medicine directory does its best to show you, the visitor, what training programs the doctors and practitioners have been trained in. We even give a brief description of the training course so you can see how many hours it is and what qualities it gives the practitioner.
  3. What do they specialize in? You can search the directory looking for a specialty or condition that a practitioner has experience working with. When you find someone you like, email them and ask them what their experience has been treating a condition like the one you’re suffering from.
  4. What are their reviews like? The reviews are posted by patients that have worked with that practitioner. Read them to see if they resonate with you. Have they had a good or bad experience? What were the success stories like?
  5. What are the ratings like? A rating of 4.5 from 25 people is often more telling than a rating of 5 from only 2 people. It’s hard to please all the people all the time so having a good rating from a lot of people is usually a good sign.

We hope that this short article will help you find the Functional Medicine practitioner of your dreams. Remember, Functional Medicine Doctors and practitioner are practitioners that care. My Functional Medicine is dedicated to helping you find the right caring practitioner so you can get the healthcare you deserve.

What is Functional Medicine?

The public is asking the question more and more: “What is Functional Medicine?” Here’s our definition:

Functional medicine is a form of Western alternative medicine that seeks to identify, assess and address the underlying root cause of diseases that you, the patient, are suffering from. With that information, a Functional Medicine practitioner can better prepare and implement an individualized treatment protocol for you that will not only deal with the issues you are suffering from but also go way beyond that by improving all aspects of your health, wellness and vitality.

Functional Medicine is patient focused and not disease focused and views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. For instance a Functional Medicine doctor or practitioner is not treating a patient’s Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), they are assessing for the weaknesses and imbalances in the patient’s physiology to try and understand why the patient has RA. They are discovering and correcting the underlying cause of a disease process or dysfunction so the body can in turn return to a state of health and wellness.

In order for this system to work, Functional Medicine respects the close relationship between practitioner and patient, be clinically effective, easily implemented, and have a high degree of success.

In summary, the main role of Functional Medicine is:

  1. The prevention of disease and dysfunction by listening closely to the patient’s history and story, by examining the totality of symptoms as they relate to the patient’s genetics, environment, diet and lifestyle and focusing on the major risk factors of mortality and morbidity.
  2. The early detection of disease and dysfunction through the use of Functional Diagnosis Assessment methodologies:
    • A focused history– Functionally oriented signs and symptoms analysis
    • A Functionally and nutritionally oriented physical exam
    • In-office assessment techniques
    • In-office lab assessment techniques 
    • Functional Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis
    • Advanced Functional Diagnosis Testing (Saliva testing, stool analysis, etc.)
  3. Advanced patient specific individualized treatment techniques

Our role here at the My Functional Medicine practitioner directory is to put you in touch with health care practitioners, physicians and doctors that are trained in Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine Doctors and practitioner are practitioners that care. You deserve to find the right caring practitioner who can help you on your own journey to regaining true health, wellness and vitality.