Choosing A Primary Care Provider

Choosing a primary care provider is an important decision. He or she is your partner in maintaining good health. Your primary care provider is the person you turn to for general or preventive medical care, or for help getting a referral for specialized care. Unfortunately most allopathic Medical Doctors are not trained in Functional Medicine, which is truly the best type of medicine to be using to maintain good health, uncover the true cause of why you might not feel well and to bring you back to the true health, vitality and wellness that is our birthright.

How do you go about finding a Functional Medicine doctor or practitioner who is right for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

The My Functional Medicine practitioner directory is the largest directory of active Functional Medicine practitioners, physicians and doctors in the world. You can see what conditions or areas of Functional medicine they specialize in. You can search by geography and location, and when you’ve honed in on the 2 or 3 practitioners in your local area, read the reviews, see what they are trained in, check out their ratings, send them a personal email, visit their websites, read a bit about their clinics, etc. All from this website!

Functional Medicine Doctors and practitioner are practitioners that care. My Functional Medicine is dedicated to helping you find the right caring practitioner so you can get the healthcare you deserve.