Living in Functional Wellness

How do you establish a baseline for healthy living?

The answer is to raise the health of all the interconnected systems of the body and to raise the health and vitality of each and every organ of the body! How do I do that you may ask. Well, that’s where Functional Medicine excels. Functional Medicine practitioners are trained to look at all the functional systems of the body and to assess the functional state of these systems: identify what’s blocking the health and vitality of the system, get to the underlying cause, treat the underlying cause with nutrition, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes and watch the true state of health and vitality emerge.

One of the interconnected systems a Functional Medicine practitioner will look at is the state of the gastrointestinal system:

What’s digestion like? Are you able to properly digest fats, carbohydrates and proteins? What’s the state of the lining of the gut? is it “leaky”? What’s the state of the “terrain” or “soil” of the gut? Are there parasites, bad bacteria, yeast or fungus present that block the body from functioning optimally? What’s the state of the colon? Is there adequate elimination to remove waste from the body?

Over a hundred million of people in the US alone suffer from digestive disorders and dysfunctions. Over 40 million physician and emergency room visits each year and the care that 95% of these people get is palliative at best, it doesn’t get to the true underlying cause and in some cases (through the use of acid blocking medication) can actually worsen the condition. For proper health and wellness you must work on optimizing digestive function and Functional Medicine Practitioners are highly trained to do just that!

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