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The inspiration behind our clinic

From 10 chronic conditions, spending $1000’s and going to 100+ doctors, looking for answers… to finally healing my root causes with functional medicine, nutrition and lifestyle therapy…

Today, Dr. Lauryn and her team help patients worldwide address the root causes of their greatest health challenges with our simple 3 Step Method:

#1. Kickstart

Lay a solid gut healing with foundation with the 7 essential “super powers” that must be in place for any detox, cleanse or healing protocols to work. This step also includes the option for clinical and nutritional lab testing to help with customizing your blueprint.

#2. Customize

Learn how to tailor your nutrition and supplementation strategies for your unique needs. Whether you have IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, chronic migraines, a sluggish metabolism, fatigue, or anything in between, customization is critical because there is no “one-size-fits-all” or Dr. Google answer to gut resetting.

#3. Optimize

You. Optimized. Work your tailored health plan, created by your Care Team, and progressively work towards getting to the root causes behind your greatest health challenges. Move beyond feeling “stuck” in a health rut to living your best life in all areas—community and relationships, business, fitness, philanthropy and beyond. Nothing is off limits when you have the greatest wealth: your health.

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Who We Help

Supporting clients come from all walks of life

  • Gut Problems
  • Hormone Imbalances & Infertility
  • Autoimmunity
  • Disordered Eating & Body Image
  • Blood Sugar & Weight Management
  • Skin Health & Hair Loss
  • Detoxing Mold, MCAS & Lyme
  • Health & Fitness Optimization


A holistic approach to healthcare

Functional & Lifestyle Medicine

Nutrition Counseling

Health Coaching & Therapy

Clinical Lab Testing

Custom Meal & Fitness Programs

Medical Consults with our Team MD

What is functional medicine?

Functional Medicine is a holistic, patient-centered, collaborative approach to healthcare that focuses on empowering patients to get to the ROOT CAUSE of health challenges and optimize how they look, move, feel and think.

Ultimately, Functional Medicine is true HEALTH care. Not sick care.

Conventional Healthcare Uses prescription drugs, band-aids and 15 minute appointments Expenses add up to continually manage illness. Great for surgery and acute care (broken bones, car wrecks, etc.) Everyone is treated the same out of a textbook.
Functional Medicine Uses nutrition, lifestyle and natural solutions first as “medicine.” Cost-effective (get to the root quicker) Great for chronic disease prevention and remission. Highly customized

Your Team

Dedicated clinicians to better serve you

Dr. Lauryn Lax

Doctor Occupational Therapy, Clinical Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Lauryn Lax helps women who have “done it all” finally work with their body (not against it), so they can reach their highest potential. As a Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritionist, Dr. Lauryn specializes in gut health optimization, restoring immune and hormonal imbalances, and a non-diet approach to body love and food freedom. Her work is inspired by her 20 years of personal and clinical experience overcoming over 10 chronic conditions that doctors could not solve. Today, she’s made it her life’s mission to helps others do the same. Dr. Lauryn’s personal story has been featured on ABC, Good Morning America, CBS, USA Today, and Women's Health; she is the author of 8 books, and she’s completed her professional training through the University of Texas, ADAPT Functional Medicine, the Institute for Functional Medicine, the Kharazzian Institute, the University of Western States, the Center for Lifestyle Redesign University of Southern California and the Nutritional Therapy Association. You can find out more about her and her work on her website:

Dr. Rob Abbott

Medical Doctor, Functional Medicine Physician

Rob Abbott M.D. completed his internship in family medicine at the Virginia Commonwealth University- Shenandoah Valley Family Medicine Residency Program in Front Royal, Virginia. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia (U.Va.) School of Medicine and is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the Charlottesville community. He has completed training in functional medicine, through the Kresser Institute and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). He is on the scientific advisory boards for both the Kresser Institute and the Ruscio Institute, leaders in functional medicine research and education. In addition, he is the medical advisor for the innovative collaborative, Autoimmune Wellness where he conducts research and writes about integrative approaches to autoimmune disease. He is the medical director for Charlottesville Hyperbarics, an outpatient clinic providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat numerous chronic disease states. In his free time, Dr. Abbott enjoys trail running and creative expression through writing and communal conversation, sharing blogs, poetry and podcasts through his website

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How it Works

3 Simple Steps to Begin Healing Your Root

  • 1 Apply Today Fill out the New Client Application & our team will review to get you booked.
  • 2 Initial Consult + Treatment Recommendations Meet with Dr. Lauryn and get your "game plan" for healing.
  • 3 Optimize Your Health. Together. Work your custom program with support for every step of the way.
Step 1 Apply Today

Every new client begins with the New Client Application & 20-Minute Health Strategy Session. Once complete and accepted, you'll meet with one of our functional medicine team members for your Initial Health Strategy Appointment with our Team to discuss your goals and determine the best level of support for you.

What to Expect

  • Complete the online application so we can gather an overview of your health history, chief complaints, and goals.
  • Answer any questions you may have about our process and clinic
  • Provide you with our clinical recommendations for next steps to support you in your healing.
  • Schedule your official Initial Consult Appointment #1 with Dr. Lauryn.

Step 2 Initial Consult + Treatment Recommendations

Meet with Dr. Lauryn for official Appointment #1: The Initial Consult. During your first of 2 phone or video appointments, we'll review your case and strategize a game plan for getting to the root causes behind your greatest challenges so you can start feeling good right away. After this appointment, Dr. Lauryn works on your health case to develop a custom Blueprint, fit just for you, which you will review during a followup appointment.

  • Case Review : Review of your health history and current lifestyle factors, nutrition, supplements and previous or ongoing treatments.
  • Provide Initial Health Findings: We will discuss the scope and overview of your current health challenges so you better understand what is going on "under the hood."
  • Lab Testing Recommendations: Lab testing can provide extra insights and education around your health & further optimization.
  • Strategize a "Game Plan" We will discuss "best next step" strategies to upgrade your health. These may include joining one of our programs, lab tests, diet changes and/or followups as needed.
  • Schedule Your Followup Appointment #2: Blueprint Review After your Consult, schedule a separate followup appointment to review your official treatment plan. This may take place after lab tests come back (if we run them) OR right away if you join one of our guided programs.

Step 3 Optimize Your Health. Together.

Where the magic happens! After your Initial Intake Process, we will link arms with you to officially start your healing journey together. Work your custom program alongside your clinician! Support options include:

  • 1:1 Custom Program with Dr. Lauryn
  • Group + Coaching
  • DIY


How much does this cost?

We don’t do cookie cutter. We do custom. It’s difficult to list an exact amount prior to meeting you, as different people will require different amounts of care and support. However, Dr. Lauryn and her team strive to be cost-effective with your care. Our team will work with you to help estimate individual costs and prioritize fees to fit your goals and budget.

20-Minute Health Strategy Appointment

The first step is completing the online application and scheduling your complimentary 20 minute Health Strategy Appointment with our team to understand your top health challenges and goals, and strategize a treatment "game plan" for getting where you want to be.

Work with Dr. Lauryn & Team

Most clients plan to invest between $2000 to $12,000 over the course of 2 to 24 months for their custom program (including everything: labs, supplements, followup appointments, coaching, nutrition, fitness plan, etc.). We have amazing payment plans available and we will clearly discuss and determine the appropriate level of support for your goals, needs and budget prior to any further treatment.

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