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Get your 1:1 consult with Dr. Lauryn to get started building your wellness blueprint to take become your best self. Our custom blueprint gives you a personalized nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle gameplan founded in clinically proven methods and protocols to break through your health barriers.

Initial Consult Includes:

  • 45-min Virtual Meeting
  • Advised Lab Tests
  • In-Depth Case Review
  • Proposed Treatment
  • 3 Immediate Action Steps
  • Program Options
  • Customized “Gameplan”
  • Ask Questions
Easy 5 minute application.

Dr. Lauryn's consults are personalized 1:1 appointments to learn your history and develop a game plan specifically for you.

Be the best version of you.

In order to do that, you need a better way to get more energy, and a body and life you love.The problem is there’s too much focus on treating symptoms—not the root cause. The power to overcome your health challenges is already rooted in you.

How it works

3 simple steps



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Journey To



Initial Consult

Apply to be a client &, if accepted, book your 45-min virtual consult with Dr. Lauryn to review your health and goals. Review your health history & goals, so Dr. Lauryn can create the best recommendaitons for you.



Custom Blueprint

Receive a Custom Blueprint: your nutrition, supplement, lab test & treatment recommendations "game plan".

  • Nutrition, Supplement, Lifestyle & Support "Game Plan
  • Understand Your Root Causes
  • Save $1000's & Tons of Time


Then the journey begins

Work together through your custom program with regular check-ins over the course of 3-6 months.

Don't Go it Alone


After getting your Blueprint, work together over 3-6 months to help you succeed.

We Make It Easy


No more Dr. Google necessary! We give you weekly "action steps" to enjoy the ride.

Results Guarantee


We stick with you to see you through to the finish line.

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Services we offer

Custom plans for everyone

  • Functional Medicine
  • Lab Testing
  • Health & Lifestyle Therapy
  • 1:1 & Group Programs
  • Nutrition Plans & Support
  • Smart Supplementation

Have Questions?

Still have questions? Talk to Dr. Lauryn to get answers.

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How much will this cost?

Dr. Lauryn strives to be cost-effective with her care. What does that mean?! It means Dr. Lauryn will not order frivolous testing, prescribe unnecessary treatment, or do anything else that squanders your financial resources.

$597 to Get Started

Initial Intake Process Includes:

  • 2 Virtual Appointments
  • Advised Lab Tests
  • In-Depth Case Review
  • Proposed Treatment
  • 3 Immediate Action Steps
  • Program Options
  • Customized “Gameplan”
  • Ask Questions

Custom Support

Custom programs over 3 to 6 months starting at $300


Followup Visits

30 or 60 minute check-in appointments as needed Starting at $185


Lab Testing

Gut Health, Hormone, Bloodwork, Immune, Toxins & More. Starting at $300

Meet Dr. Lauryn

I’ve been in your shoes.

Bringing you over 20 years of clinical and personal experience, spent overcoming 10+ chronic conditions, so you can become your best self. Beyond illness.

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What others are saying

Nikki, 34, Hashimoto’s, Boosted energy + Lost 10 pounds of inflammation without trying

I tried everything—Orange Theory, P90X, Beach Body…but nothing was geared for women like me with autoimmune disease until I found Heal Your Root.

Sarah, 42, SIBO, Quit the bloating

I was already restricted to eating only 5 to 10 foods, but most doctors kept telling me to cut out more…Heal Your Root helped me find peace with food and my body again.

Abigail, 28, mold illness & anorexia history, cleansed from mold and stopped the brain fog

I’m so thankful I finally found a community of likeminded women. I thought I was the only one going through things like mold illness and Lyme, but everyone here gets it.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    QI dont live in Austin, can you still help me?

    Yes. We provide Telehealth appointments worldwide.

    QDo you accept insurance?

    Yes. We provide Telehealth appointments worldwide.

    QWhat labs do you use?

    Yes. We provide Telehealth appointments worldwide.

    QIs this a Paleo or Vegan or Keto thing?

    Yes. We provide Telehealth appointments worldwide.

    QWhat Group Programs do you offer?

    Yes. We provide Telehealth appointments worldwide.

    QHow much will all of this cost?

    Yes. We provide Telehealth appointments worldwide.

    Still have questions?

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    The power to overcome anything

    is and has always been within us, we just have to be courageous enough to listen to it.

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